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My desktop has been a chaotic disarray of screenshots, pictures and folders everywhere.  It got to the point that I would sit down at my desk and my first thoughts were.. ugh.. ain’t nobody got time to go through all this crap..then I would continue on with my work and figured one day maybe some desktop organization fairy would sweep through my computer and make everything look cute just how I like it.

So the fairy didn’t organize my desktop for me, but she certainly gave me some inspiration when I stumbled on to find a great tip to organizing my desktop.   Thank you PINTEREST!!  (you can go follow my board by clicking i I had to do it like IMMEDIATELY!

Just so you know this is what I was working with:

organize your desktop

and that’s after I even cleaned it up some!!  I know ridiculous right??

Want to see it now??  (I’m so tickled I LOVE IT!)

organizing your desktop


Do you LOVE IT????  

Me too :)   So do you want to know how I did this??

First go over to—>  and downloaded her template according to your screen resolution.  You can download it free at the very bottom of the post.    Her template is cute and all.. but I like making things my own style.. ya know what I mean?  :)   And you should make things your own style.. it’s fun and easy :)

organize your desktop


Next take your newly downloaded template and open it up into  and start customizing it to you!  You can go to the overlays section to match up the squares to your favorite colors, change the labels and then go to Text and add your own personalized sections that you need.

Easy peasy right!!

Now why i never in the world thought to do this is beyond me.. but I’m certainly glad that I stumbled across this great resource to help myself and share with you guys along the way!

How does your desktop look?  Was this little tip helpful to you?  Let me know in the comments below!


Keep Shining my friends!

~ Holly Mitson ~

holly mitson

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