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If your new to the online world  you’re probably wondering how to make money with a blog.  The purpose of this blog post is to show you how to make money with a blog for beginners and give you some tips as a beginner blogger.

There are many ways to make money online, but blogging is like taking it all and wrapping it all up in a pretty bow.   Think of your blog like your home online… or like a bunch of flyers that you get to post up on the internet that never get taken down.   If you do it right,  blogging is a tool that will work over and over for you and you can start making that “sleep money” that you wondered was ever real.  (it is!)

I remember back in 2011 I started my first blog.  I started on a free blogging platform and I wanted to make a coupon site and help women save money.   I didn’t really know where to start so I just started somewhere.   My first year blogging I made a whole $. 50.  I quickly came to the realization that I had to get a LOT of women printing coupons if I was going to make that a full time thing.    I had no idea what to look for when looking for commissions and affiliate programs.  No clue about list building and SEO.  I only knew I was determined, and I was going to learn how to make money with a blog no matter what.

First let me share with you specific ways to start making money with a blog.  There are many many ways to make money on your blog.   I want to specifically focus on making money with a blog for the beginner.   Like with anything.. making money with your blog will take hard work and dedication.  Many blog networks require that you have a blog for 3 months or more and/or up to 20 blog posts written.  Be patient and don’t give up.  Create new content consistently and you’ll start feeling the momentum from your post. Honestly, blogging can take time.  But the foundation it builds for an online business that is lasting is worth it.

And if you align yourself with the right products/systems and people.. you’d be surprised at how much money you really can make from blogging.


How to make money with a blog? 

http://its-time.laptoplifestyleforme.comThere are a few ways you can make money with a blog.


  • You can make your own products or service: 

    This could be crafts, jewelry or accessories that you make or informational products that you’ve created or maybe you have a service that you offer.   Use your blog as a tool to connect your readers to your products and side banners to drive traffic to your store to sell your products.   I know a few people that are so arts and craftsy!  They have these great projects, why not go get awesome at pinterest, get yourself a blog and post those badboys up!   You’ll need a blog to establish your authority. Open your mind, be creative.



  • Become an affiliate or direct sales rep and sell other peoples products.   I have found this to be the easiest and quickest way to make money on a blog.   I started my blog with an affiliate membership at  I quickly discovered that $ .10 cent commissions is the crappiest pay scale I’ve ever seen so I no longer affiliate with them lol..     Good commissions range from 30% – 70% or higher.  Be careful with 100% commissions.  Although this pay structure is possible, it isn’t good for any kind of long term sustaining company to do.

 There are many kinds of affiliates to choose from.  Almost every program and company online now offers some sort of affiliate opportunity.   So first figure out how much you want to ideally make, and then look at commission pay outs and figure how much product you would need to sell to create the life your dreaming of.   I personally have affiliate commission programs that start at 70% and pay up to $3,000… so Needless to say.. I don’t goof around with 20% commissions anymore.. (see average income earnings)

I also have affiliates in the tools I use, like my blogging platform, autoresponder and webinar platforms,  the trainings I’ve learned from

You have to find things that compliment you and your personality!  

There is so much online and a place for everyone.


  • Sponsored Review/blog Posting.   Earn money by writing reviews.  Company’s will pay bloggers to right reviews on their products.  I’ve done a few  reviews on this blog  for people in the direct sales industry, but you can also have sponsored review posts.  (if  you have a product and you would like a full review with link to your site you can email me here, I will do a video and blog post review and write up of your product. Not sure how long I’ll be doing this free so jump in while you can!)   You can see an example of a sponsored review post here.  This is a great way to start making money on your blog for beginners.  You can create an account here at create an account and you’ll get bids on reviews to write for companies.  It’s like the connecter piece of bloggers and companies to find the right bloggers in there demographics.  If you like to make videos, head over to you can earn free things and even get paid to review products.


Of course there are many more ways for you to start earning on your blog.  And honestly.. a lot of these ways are really hard to get to a sustaining 5 – 7 Figure Business that ideally everyone wants to get to..  Otherwise why blog to make money right lol


I really wanted to make this process easy for people.. because truth is, the easier and more duplicatable things are, the more people are going to have success.


I’ve been online for a long time, and I didn’t make didly squat until I found the right system, surrounded myself with the right people.. and am now waking up to new commissions regularly.  From this exact blog your reading right now.  Wanna see how?

Watch very closely in this Video Presentation by clicking here 

make money blogging

Keep your eye on your why!





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