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The holiday hustle and bustle is here and yet again and I need easy- to-do holiday greeting cards that are personalized, quick to design and that fits my style.  

I’m a busy mom, a wife,  an entrepreneur.  and my biggest problem around the holidays are getting my greeting cards out.  I know they go a long way and really mean a lot to people when you send them. But I’m so horrible at writing them out, addressing them, going to the post office.. That’s why these easy to do holiday greeting cards were perfect because I could personalize them all and ship them right out.   It took about 5 minutes to design it, and another 10 to type in everyone’s address and it was done.

You can see how easy it is yourself in the video below:

Personalize your own holiday greeting cards here:

What I really loved about Send Out Cards is how easy it was to do.  I really believe that the most important thing you can do in life is invest in other people.

The whole purpose in life to me is to love and help others do you agree? 


 What a greater way to show someone that you love them than with a personalized holiday greeting card.


It’s the little things in life like this that really make a difference to people. I know for me personally I’ve been so guilty of letting things like this slip. So I was excited for the opportunity to check out a way that I could drop a sign of appreciation in other peoples hands easily and conveniently.   Plus how cool it’s personalized to my family and style.   (so after I did the video I made some adjustments and ended up adding onto my card) Here’s what the end result looked like:


Easy- to- Do Holiday Greeting Cards Personalized for You

When I first heard about a service that will personalize your holiday greeting card FOR you and ship them directly to your friends and family.  Once you create your card, the company will then actually print, stuff, stamp and mail the cards for you! Woohooo!!   Naturally my first thought was:

“I wonder how expensive it is to order personalized Holiday greeting cards!?”

(I bet your thinking it too huh)

I was actually really surprised!

Everything that I saw at was VERY reasonable and had price plans for everyone.

You can just ship out as many cards as you want.  You can become a preferred member and get your personalized greeting cards at a discount price all year round.  Or you can just create a card and send it out once.

One really cool feature I found was being able to set up card campaigns.

What the heck is that you ask?

A card campaign allows you to set up birthday cards, new client cards, other holiday cards.. all to send out automatically!


A personalized holiday greeting card system that takes out all the guess work of remembering to send cards on holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.

I give this service an A based on product, service and pricing. I’ll def. be ordering again.  I’ll never forget another holiday greeting card again!!

You can order your easy to use easy- to- do Personalized Holiday Greeting Cards  here. 


Keep Shining!!

~Holly Mitson


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