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Balance Home Business and Family Life can be a very hard thing to find.

Take it from me.. a mom of 5 kids, I virtual school my 7th grader, I’m a minister, a people butterfly and sometimes just not enough time in the day.

Balance is a hard place for me sometimes because if I don’t intentionally work on balancing my home business and my family life I will very easily work to hard and forget what’s really important.

So in today’s video let me share with you my work at home moms key to

balance your home business and family life.

When I first started working online my husband was not happy about how much I was working online on my home business.  He didn’t understand what I was doing.. and that’s normal.   But we would get in little spiffs about how much time I would work on the computer.

My business was starting to run me.

I needed to find my balance in my home business and my family life. 


I wanted to be compassionate and be mindful of my husband.  He really is a ridiculously awesome guy.. and ok I can’t lie to kick it… he helps me a LOT with laundry.. ok so he does ALL the laundry..  so I can work on my business :) I’m really not the greatest house wife.. I never have been.. but I’m a great business woman!    Over time he’s understood how important it was that I do what I do and really does a lot so I can build what God’s put into my heart.

So we’ve compromised and I’m very thankful.   I now have a clean clear schedule of what I’m doing for how long and even use a timer.  And when the times up.. its done.

Shut off the computer and go be with your family.. this is hard, believe me I know.. it’s an area I fail in still sometimes.  But your family is your heart.

Where to start balancing home and business:

First write down everything that you need to do in a typical day.  If you have a home business that means emails, social media, connecting with new people, posting different types of things.  So write down exactly what you need to do everyday.

Figure out how much time you need a day to work on your business.   I like to spend about 4-6 hours a day on my business now, so in the future that can be cut back to just a few hours a week.   How do you do that? Building momentum on your blog.

So now you can put in what you do everyday in the time slots that you have scheduled for business.  Now make each of those into your own checklist.

Print it out, put it by your computer.  You now know exactly what your doing at what time and can easily check it off.

Then go shut your computer down and go spend time with your family and your friends.  Make sure first you spend time with God.  He’s ultimately the one that will get you balanced in your home business and your family life.

Also if you are working on becoming a work from home mom, you really should be blogging.. regardless if you have a company that you’re selling for.

A blog helps you find balance in your home business and family life by being able to set posts, syndicate it out (syndicate is a fancy word for share) to your social media networks and walk away.  Your blog works for you to help you build authority and a place where people can learn more about you.

I found this blog platform in a really unique “smart system” that I love!  Talk about freedom and automation.. If you have a big family and you’re trying to work from home.. this might be for you.  You can check in out in the box below and see.  

Stand for your dreams, you can find balance,

~Holly Mitson

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