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Did you know that Avon has been around since 1886!!  This company has been around the block for a few years and counting and they are NOT going anywhere soon.   Keep reading.. because you are going to learn 5 reasons why Avon perfume, cosmetics and there skin care line will always win..

I love direct sales companies.   I love buying from 2 different types of businesses:  Local Business and direct sales businesses. I love selling in direct sales and I love learning more about different direct sales opportunities and help other people grow their business by showcasing their business and teaching the power of blogging and social media in a private group with 1 on 1 training with me personally.   (before I ever came online I was a marketing strategist for over 300 local businesses in my area.  I’m learning that helping other people make money is one of my gifts)

This week we’re talking about Avon. 

Avon perfume, Avon Cosmetics, and Avon Skin Care.

Now stop you may be thinking… come on girl.. everyone knows Avon.


There may be a few reasons that you never thought of before when it comes to Avon, their products and about becoming an Avon Representative.

Avon Perfume, Cosmetics and Skin Care;

5 Reasons Why Avon Wins


So what sets Avon Inc. and their products apart from other companies?

1.  Avon Inc. is the world’s leading direct selling company:  With 5.8 million distributors and leading sales track record.  You can be confident that you are investing into a company that has quality and experience in a company.

2.  Offer Products for Every Kind of Woman:   Avon Inc has products that empower the everyday woman.  They offer 100’s of products for every skin type, tone and preferance..  Along with new clothes, jewelery, and toys, Avon products make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays and other holidays!  The Avon ANEW Line is particularly successful for mature skin, featuring advanced technical research and highly scientific ingredient lists. Younger skin is often scented and softened by Avon’s Skin So Soft line, while Clearskin targets skin prone to acne and other blemishes. Each line features products that have won awards from Allure, Prevention, SHAPE, Latina, and Good Housekeeping.

3.   Top Rated Products with the most Affordable Pricing:   Avon wins when it comes to price.  They are incredibly reasonable and affordable for every woman and their income level yet still provides a quality product without being “cheap”

4.   International Opportunity:  Avon sells internationally.  The way of the internet is the new way of operating a business.  (like on a blog.. like this one)  It’s a huge plus when you can sell international to other countries.  A lot of direct sales companies are US only.

5.   Everyone LOVES Avon.   It’s a household name and established.  People here avon and they are like oh yea.. cool I like Avon..   Avon is one of those products that everyone has tried at one point or another..and if you haven’t.. you need to go put in an order here 

The Best Avon Perfume, Cosmetic and Skin Care Product Review:

So I couldn’t tell you why Avon Inc products win everytime unless I actually tried them right??  (let me note here I am not an Avon Rep)   So here’s my excting Avon Product Review of Avon Perfumes, cosmetics and skin care products.



You can order your Avon products from Independent Avon Representative Jamie Neal.   This woman has heart and passion for her business  while caring for her daughter.  She decided to become an independent Avon Representative because she uses all the Avon products anyway!   That’s exactly how having an online business should be.   Selling products that you believe and use everyday yourself.   Go put your Avon order in here and connect with Jamie herself.

I hope you got a better idea about Avon Perfume, Cosmetics and Skin Care!  Do you love Avon?  What’s your favorite Avon Product?  Let’s hear it in the comments below!

Holly Mitson




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P.S… Are you in direct sales and would like your company highlighted?  Send me a pm on Facebook (I check my other folder daily) and I’ll tell you your next step.

P.P.S..  Have you ever wanted to blog about cool products or even grow your Avon business?  Blogging is the #1 way to increase sales and build a strong foundation for your business.. You can grab up your blog included in this Smart System by clicking the link below

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