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It has been said that if you want to have results in your life than follow and learn from people who have what you want.   Success leaves clues so study top women entrepreneurs in your industry.  What daily activities do they do.  What message do they give.  How do they give it.  Learn from these women entrepreneurs.  Don’t copy them, but let them be your model to learn and find your own voice in the process.

My biggest life changing lessons have all come 2 top women entrepreneurs in particular that inspire me most.   Sandi Krakowski and D. Verrengia.  These women are both 7 Figure Earners in the Online Business Arena, they have come from nothing and have built an empire from a vision.   They are both authors, speakers, product developers.  Each of them have a very different style and different walk of life.  Yet both of these top women entrepreneurs combined have given me these 5 lessons that will change the way you see yourself and your business path.

Lesson 1:

  • top women entrepreneurBe Bold Enough to Be Yourself.

  • Many people struggle with being themselves. Fear of rejection and fear of success tend to hold many women back.  It’s this lack of identity that is blocking you from truly being successful.   More often than not it’s these 2 fears that will prevent you from being all that you were created to be.  People need YOU.  Not a pretend version of you.  It takes courage and boldness yes. But you will never get to where you want to go if you stay comfortable where you already are.


Lesson 2:

  • Believe.   

  •  Thhabits of  women entrepreneursere is a power and force in belief.  It opens up your mind to see things that you would not normally see on the surface.   Believe in the unseen.  We are made as a 3 part being.  Mind. Body. and Soul.  We are wired and equipped to be a spiritual force having a human experience.  Not the other way around.  Find stillness.  If you’re at a place where you don’t have a belief in this kind of thing, instead of pushing some religion on you, I encourage you to continually go to a place of stillness.   Ask questions,  you’ll get your answers.  If you are secure in your beliefs, continue to go to that place of stillness and just be.

You already know the power in this when you take daily consistent time to do this.

Lesson 3:

  • Your Business is People.leadership business

Your business is not selling things.  Your business is helping people and your things will be sold.  Help as many people get what they want and you will get where you want to go.  Give value, encourage others and live a life in gratitude.  It will glow off you and into other people.  Lead with integrity and grace but use wisdom always first.  Always be thinking of how you can invest and help others.


Lesson 4:


  • Create Successful Habits.

  • In order to rewire your brain and start being successful, you have to first create successful habits.  That is why the 21 day blogging challenge is so important.  By staying consistant for 21 days will wire you to just automatically blog.  Blogging is the best way to build a business online.  If you have a business online you should have a blog with constant content being created.  It’s a successful habit to start.  Another successful habit of women entrepreneurs is constantly feeding your brain with audios like I am Transformation, by D. Verrengia and Inner Circle Audios from Empower Network.  Read books daily.  Sandi Krakowski has a new book called BeMore.  You can pick up your copy here.  These are successful habits of all men and women entrepreneurs.  That means if your sick, if you don’t feel like it, if you’re having an off day.. you do it anyway, because it’s your habit.

Lesson 5:

  •   Take Care of your body. holly mitson header

  • Mind. Body and Soul.   A lesson I have learned from every top woman entrepreneur I know (and my list is growing)  is they take care of their bodies.   They wake up and get their bodies moving.  They eat the right foods.  They drink the right water.  Health is a priority.  You cannot possibly even enjoy wealth and success in poor health.  Be the healthiest you can be.  One thing I relate to Sandi Krakowski is we both have an autoimmune disease that has been known to slow us down from time to time.  But has it stopped us?

Heck no!

Because we have made it a habit to be the healthiest we can be by choosing to eat the right foods that will     benefit our bodies to the maximum capacity.  Paula Abdul built a career regardless of having Complex                  Regional Pain Syndrome which is what I have as well.  Many people have different physical disabilities                  but it just gives us another opportunity to be able to say yes, this happened, and it didn’t stop me.

Always be learning my fellow women entrepreneurs.   Find your people, build your tribe, teach and empower them and together we’ll make the world a better place.


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