How To Add and Encrypt Password To Post and Pages On Blogger Platform

I will be showing Blogger Platform users how to add or enable Password on any post. these features is common for weebly and wordpress users. But the feature isn’t on blogger.
So therefore we will be enabling it using a Javascript. You might want to share a special article to few readers on your blog, so therefore you will need to encrypt Password on that particular article, with a dedicated password you choose. in this tutorial i will show you all you need to to enable this. Follow the procedure below.

How To Add and Encrypt Password To Post and Pages On Blogger Platform

1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard and navigate down to the “Pages” or “Posts” but i will be using post for example on this one.
2. Visit the Post Section and Click on New Post and before writing the post Add the following JavaScript below.
var password = ‘clickedwap’
password=prompt(‘This is password protected page, please enter password to continue.’,”);
if (password != ‘FADE’) {
Note: Remember to change “FADE” to your desired password. Also change to the URL you want it to redirect onto when a user enters a wrong password.
3. Now Save/Publish and Open the Post After writing, you will see a prompt asking you to enter your password.


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