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TSTV Introduces A’ La Carte Subscription – Allows Users To Subscribe To Their Favourite Channels

TSTV Pay TV company owned by Bright Echefu, Is still introducing more features and putting smile in the face of its subscribers. TSTV was announce Last year but was delayed until April 2018.
Another version was introduced called a Sassy decoder but still promise commercial sale of Dexterity decoders will be available soon. TSTV still continue to Add more channels and introduced what is called A’ La Carte Subscription. According to the company, “A’ la carte subscription gives a subscriber the opportunity to choose and pay for only their channels of interest.” This means that a customer can only Pay the channels they enjoy the more and in this process saves Money. This Features is not yet available for TSTV rivals which are GOtv and Startimes. In a clear example about the new A’La Carte Subscription, if your favourite channels are Discovery Channel, music or sport channels, you will only need to subscribe for them and ignore the movie, lifestyle, religious and kids channels. For the Sassy D…

How To Add and Encrypt Password To Post and Pages On Blogger Platform

I will be showing Blogger Platform users how to add or enable Password on any post. these features is common for weebly and wordpressusers. But the feature isn’t on blogger. So therefore we will be enabling it using a Javascript. You might want to share a special article to few readers on your blog, so therefore you will need to encrypt Password on that particular article, with a dedicated password you choose. in this tutorial i will show you all you need to to enable this. Follow the procedure below.
Also Read: How To Access Any Blogger Platform Website Using Glo NetworkHow To Add and Encrypt Password To Post and Pages On Blogger Platform
1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard and navigate down to the “Pages” or “Posts” but i will be using post for example on this one. 2. Visit the Post Section and Click on New Post and before writing the post Add the following JavaScript below. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”JavaScript”>
var password = ‘clickedwap’
password=prompt(‘This is password protected page, p…

Windows Phones Has Finally Run out Of Stock On Microsoft Stores

Microsoft few months back confirms that Windows phones is dead that it no longer yield profit. Though after that, they still sold some such devices through its official online store. But currently not anymore now.
As of Today, Microsoft runs out of Window phones from Store and we assume the company isn’t going to replenish those stocks. Because many people no longer buying these stocks – Windows phones. In other words, Window phones is dead Although there are still some third-party distributors who still have Bunch of unsold window smartphones. Though the source of the windows phones has Collapsed, So therefore don’t except seeing new Window phone in near future.

Amazon Launches Internet Browser – A Lite Web Browser for Low end Android Phones

Amazon took another step in releasing a new Light browser for Low end smartphone dubbed ‘Internet Browser‘. Amazon Internet Browser is built mainly for low end device in other not to consume more resources on the Android phone. They browser will be suitable for Android Go device, but as of now The Amazon Internet browser is available in India where budget and low end phones are massively popular. The browser is like any other browser out there, You can browse on multiple tabs, use incognito mode to browse privately. The Amazon Internet browser is it’s just 2MB in size. Launching the browser, You will see your frequently visited websites on the homepage, some trending news stories where you will get updated with the latest news stories. Below are main features of the Internet Amazon browser. FEATURES OF AMAZON INTERNET BROWSERBrowse the web with private tabs. The websites you visit are not recorded on your phone.Stay up to date with news, cricket, and entertainment from top sources right …

DOWNLOAD: Latest GBWhatsApp v6.60.APK – For April/May 2018

GBwhatsApp is a MOD version of WhatsApp Application with so many features added to it, which is not yet official available from the main whatsapp. This is the latest version of GBwhatsapp v6.60, the previously release was GBwhatsapp v6.50.
This latest version comes with other Added features like Enabled Payment Feature( Available for specific country). Improved Auto Reply feature which was introduced in the previous version. Below are the Change log on the new GBWhatsapp 6.60.
NEW FEATURES ON GBWHATSAPP v6.60New Base Updated to 2.18.46(Super – Exclusive) Notification of Revoked Message (Know Which Message was Revoked)(Exclusively) Fixed Disable Heads-up for Oreo Users (Mod 6.11)(Exclusively) Added Back Play Video in your Favourite Player (Mod 6.19)Enabled Group Description(Exclusive) Added Group Description in Header Like StatusEnabled Payments (You need to ask someone who is already payments activated to activate for you) (Country Specific)Enabled Mention ButtonAdded Option to Hide Gro…

Posters Reveals Upcoming Nokia X Smartphone, To be Unveiled on 27th April 2018

HMD seems to be working on new Nokia smartphone dubbed Nokia X, This was unveiled by some Chinese sources who saw digital posters for the Nokia X.
This smartphone seems to be a low-profile device and no rumor specs about this device and this is not in any way expected to be Nokia 9 or (10) flagship. This a new Nokia X but the original smartphone was an entry level device we expect this one to follow suit. The New Nokia X is announced and expected to be Unveiled On 27th April 2018. As of now you are advised not to develop high hopes for this smartphone because this ploy could also be some marketing strategy by Nokia or some other manufacturer. Let wait for the official tagged date for unveiling of the smartphone.

Google Launches Google Go App, For Low end Devices In Nigeria and Other Countries

Google Launches Google Go App, For Low end Devices In Nigeria and Other CountriesGoogle has launched Google Go – An application which is designed to give you faster experience when searching the internet. It has been seen that many smartphones are low end devices and uses low memory. In a new statement, Google said that, “There are about 30 million smartphone users and the number increases annually. Over, 73% of users still uses low memory storage or less than 1GB device and this causes hitches while searching on the internet.“ The app uses the latest version of Google’s advanced compression algorithm, using up to 40% less data to display search results. Search results are also cached on the device so you can quickly re-access previous searches, even when you’re offline, without incurring further data costs. Moreover the Google Go app is less than 5MB in size. It employs data management and compression technology and as such uses 40% less data. you can easily search for what’s trending i…

Facebook Upgrades Privacy As They Launches Bulk Third-party App Removal Tool

Since After Facebook was accused of voilating a user privacy by data privacy scandal linked with data analytics firm Cambridge analytical (CA). Mark Zuckerberg Promises in improving and upgrading more security of the Social Media. Facebook took a first step in introducing Bulk Removal of Third-party Apps, Maybe you have a lot of Third-party Apps integrated with your Facebook account, you can now mark and remove all at a time. The bulk removal tool could make it much easier for users to take control of their data and protect their identity.
Click on the three horizontal lines on the navigation bar at the bottom and scrolling down to settings.Now Locate and Navigate to the Apps section. Now remove Any Third-party Apps, you wish to.Firstly, Go to the Facebook settings if you are on desktopClick on Apps and you’ll see all the third party apps connected to your Facebook account. Now Click on any number of the apps you’d like to disconnect, and use the remove button at the top of the screen to …

The Facts about Data Encryption Systems

In the present day society, maximum of monetary transactions and also private statistics are processed and sent via the net. Therefore it's miles very crucial to have records encryption systems if the statistics is to be saved cozy from unauthorized access. To preserve your facts comfy, you ought to encrypt them securely.

One of the predominant motives why documents and records have to be encrypted is because of the manner it is despatched thru the internet. After importing your statistics it is first sent to a neighborhood place community and then the statistics travels to the net provider provider who can without difficulty view this data. The information is then rerouted and sent to the carrier provider of the recipient to whom you have got despatched the documents to. The statistics eventually arrives to the character you have been sending to.

Throughout this statistics sending procedure, quite a few human beings can benefit access in your statistics in a single way or different…

Why You Need to Encrypt Your Data

As human beings, we need to have refuge and protection from the tough elements of nature; in any other case we might be in trouble. The same may be authentic on your personal records, as your private facts is below a regular chance of being stolen, whether you understand it or now not. This is why we want to encrypt our personal records, although some human beings fail to apprehend the significance of encrypting their personal information. However, a good way to apprehend how records encryption works, we first need to recognize what statistics encryption is. Statistics encryption may be defined as conversion of facts into a mystery code. Encryption is by means of a long way the maximum effective approach to reap information protection. To access an encrypted record you should bear in mind a password that is required for decryption. Unencrypted information is commonly referred as plain textual content; encrypted records then again is popularly referred to as cipher textual content. Now…

Data Encryption Tips For Your Personal Computer

Encryption is a reasonably-priced, fast, and smooth manner to keep your stuff safe from cyber intruders. A safe continues bodily valuables secure if there is a break-in, and encryption protects your maximum valuable information from data thieves.

Distinct information encryption methods

There are many statistics encryption sorts and strategies to select from, however many are simplest suited to trained experts and skilled cryptographers. Probabilities are, you're neither. That limits this section, but there are nevertheless some important functions to examine. We'll start with symmetrical and asymmetrical keys. Symmetrical keys work at both ends of encryption. The identical key permits you to encrypt and decrypt. Asymmetrical keys simplest work at one end of the cycle. You want one key to encrypt statistics, and you need a 2nd key to decrypt it. Even though symmetrical keys are superb and really effective, it's smooth to look why asymmetrical keys may be the more secure prefe…

Business Intelligence is The Key to Maximize Profits

Each business has an intention approximately how to earn profits and the intention is finished with the aid of the correct choices. Enterprise pioneers take endless resolutions that manipulate the attempt in numerous ways. The decisions must be powerful sufficient with a view to make the revenue for the organizations. Implementing a success plans is the hence, successful implementation of plans is the top want of all companies and business intelligence has proved its power in this perspective. Business intelligence plays a primary undertaking even as executing techniques and the ideal making plans methods. It assists in collecting, maintaining, getting access to, and studying the statistics. It lets in groups inside the efficient implementation of selection aid device, analytical processing, statistical evaluation, forecasting, and facts excavating.

Customers choose this device a lot as it leads them in attaining the exact records based on the realization. It leads a organisation to co…

Business Intelligence Software & Reporting Tools

Timebound is a era-driven method for studying imparting actionable data to assist company executives, commercial enterprise managers, and other end customers have informed enterprise decisions. That enable corporations to collect-statistics from internal systems and outside resources, put together it for analysis, broaden and run queries against and create reports, dashboards and information-visualizations to make the analytical results to be had to company decision makers as well as operational people.

Timebound is a bi can include historic records, in addition to new bi collected from source structures as it's far generated, allowing bi analysis to aid each strategic and tactical selection-making tactics. To start with, bi equipment have been frequently used by facts analysts and other it professionals who ran analyses and produced reports with query outcomes for enterprise customers

Our capabilities:

Interactive dashboard : it assists executives, operations managers, supervisors, …

Tips to Protect You App From Being Hacked

The use of mobiles are growing with a boosting charge and so do the mobile applications which are making the consumer's existence lots simpler by way of assisting them to minimize their strain and pressure they commonly have of each day existence and accommodate them to bear the high-quality existence. Since the numbers of utility are growing at the side of cellular app development revolutionary technologies, the chance of their protection and authorizations also are growing with a same fee. Although builders endures the security encryptions for maximum of their programs however the possibility of being hacked or used by any unauthorized consumer is always there for any website or cell software. Following are a few given set of tips and education you need to comply with to comfortable your applications.
1. Employing android keychain and that i-cloud keychain:
An android keychain is an encrypted field used as garage to maintain all of the personal and secured facts together with user…

How to Earn Money From Mobile App Development

The app marketplace for each frameworks ios and android is manner larger than it has been ever. Getting cash from developing packages is way less difficult and effective now days, however for that the we count on that you have some primary know-how of coding and its languages, which is the prerequisite of startup in growing as well as of this article. The professional app development business enterprise endorsed and said the following tips in an effort to make cash from app development.
1. Registration with app shops:
To submit any application at the apps stores you are required to check in yourself to get a completely diagnosed club. The process includes an annual charge builders are required to pay with the intention to continue to be a registered member. Apple app shop costs developer $ninety nine yearly in prefer of which they get app trying out tools or access to the versions of apple's dev apps. But if it's about google play save they each are extra or much less same in ph…

8 Tips For an App to Succeed

1. App easy to use

It's miles very critical that the user does now not must assume an excessive amount of whilst the usage of an app, that moves via it intuitively due to the fact if now not, it'll tire and eventually uninstall it out of your tool.

So as for our app to be simple to use, we have to undergo in thoughts that it have to be clear, visible, fluid and freed from mistakes, which might also annoy the user and reason it to give up with out the use of our app.

To do this, we need to name things with the aid of their names, give the person the centers to navigate through the software and assist him with agile transitions between screens and with an interface that he is familiar with in the beginning glance.

2. Functionality initially

Although we might also like a creative app extra than a useful one, it's miles very critical that the software is directed to the consumer and, hardly ever, it gives importance to whether it's far a stunning app and could stop the use of i…

Benefits Of Antivirus Software - Why To Use It?

Machine virus is a risky program. Whilst it attack into your pc, your system will suffer from different kinds of malicious issues. You may get disturb whilst you are running for your computer. There's best one manner which you may opt. This is the laptop safety device or you can say the antivirus software program.

There are special sorts of viruses like:

Macro viruses : such kinds of viruses are used to goal application which is referred to as as macro language command like ms word. In ms phrase, macros are saved series for keystrokes that's embedded inside the report. Macro viruses add the noxious code to legitimate macro collection in ms word. This logic is without difficulty used by the cyber criminals for social engineering techniques for his or her earnings benefits.

Document infectors : the file infector virus attached itself to software files consisting of .Exe or .Com files. Also it is capable to infect the documents which may be done like .Ovl, .Prg, .Mnu and .Sys.


Keep Your Computer Virus And Malware Free

If you do not have established any antivirus application for your device or cutting-edge software program is damaged due to any problem, you could pass for the test pc the usage of an internet virus scanner. Manifestly, the contemporary generation always gives you more than one possibilities to preserve your working less complicated and less difficult. There are numerous occasions when you want to hold your device check to prevent it from being laid low with the viruses. But, the majority install antivirus applications and update them to maintain their machine unfastened from viruses. However, in case of not able to get entry to the installed applications of antivirus, they could use the web virus scanner to meet all of the requirements.

There are hundreds of on-line scanners to be had over the net that offers services to test the files of your pc thoroughly with the cloud machine engine. They continually test with the trendy uploaded model of antivirus and that they can come across th…

Protecting Your PC With Virus And Malware Removal

To guard a laptop from such harms, possible contact a pandemic and malware removal carrier company.

The growing want of the net ends in the increase within the usage of computers or laptops and this in go back shows a top notch threat to the safety of the statistics inside the gadget. Therefore, it is very vital to name for the virus and malware elimination services for defensive the gadget against any sort of viruses. Those offerings come across and cast off all of the malicious installations. Those virus and malware removal services scan and cast off or block the malware so one can shield the device from such serious troubles.

What form of capability harm can appear if no longer taken virus and malware removal?

Their maximum dangerous risk is their potential to build up character records about the patron with the aid of recording keystrokes. Some of them like key loggers also are prepared to take screenshots and unfold them thru the web. Every other fundamental chafing aspect effect th…

Four Reasons to Choose an Online Backup Service

Many specialists have experienced the frustration of finalizing a chief document only to hit the submit button after which watch because the electricity goes out or resets. All of that work might also have just been deleted. Even if the powers that be are inclined to increase a deadline, the second one time around is in no way as enjoyable and is almost usually marked via frustration. There are many specific threats to computer systems and your valuable documents. It does not remember if you are saving song, pics, paperwork or video games, if your pc gadget is hit by means of a deadly disease or a natural catastrophe, the emotional weight of losing that facts is hard to bear. The solution to this situation is a facts backup service.

Quite a few people have the incorrect ideas about on-line facts backup offerings. Take a look at some of the real advantages you would possibly revel in.

One: nearly unlimited quantities of storage

Do you have got numerous hard drives? Are you constructing a …

Benefits to Using a Cloud Server

Chances are you've got already heard about cloud website hosting, especially when you have a commercial enterprise or spend numerous time doing record sharing online. Although the general public are acquainted with the term, very few human beings realize what exactly what it's miles or how it may be useful to you. Here are some advantages to using a cloud website hosting service.

Secure from other clouds

The first benefit is that your cloud is entire cut loose other clouds out there on the net. This presents some of advantages, which include extended protection because troubles that affect other clouds will not affect yours. It also prevents different people from overloading your server by means of including too much records to their own. Which means that the most effective character who can negatively affect the gap you hold your documents is you.

No hardware troubles

Another purpose to apply a cloud server is that there will be no hardware troubles. Where gadgets such as outside…

Backup & Data Protection Secures Your Laptop Data

It is approximately the records and data that runs the operations of the commercial enterprise smoothly. In every operation of the enterprise, it calls for records and statistics in particular in case you combine your commercial enterprise with the net or walking the net save. Don't you think you need to protect your important information saved to your computer from any sort of community disasters that reason records loss danger to the operation? Backup & statistics protection is the whole answer which secures the information and records of the commercial enterprise. We can't forget the probabilities of community failure and lack of records therefore the better we will do is securing our facts.

Critical steps for information protection of your computer

After you lose your corporation facts, you may lose your opportunity in a marketplace because records is everything. Consequently, you need to make sure that earlier than your pc ditches you, you must keep comfy. Are you able …

Causes Which May Bring Damage to Your Phone

The wreckage, harm or the statistics loss come because the negative marvel to your android telephone. Though the harm comes as a marvel, the explicit reasons of the harm are very common and widely-known. The hard figures have now not been to be had yet, but, the proof indicates that most of the people look for the android cellphone facts healing provider as statistics loss is the most important subject. Despite the availability of the wide variety of cloud garage platforms, humans favor to store their documents in the phone reminiscence to access them offline.
Are you the only who has lost records which you have stored on your reminiscence? Are you looking for android phone died information restoration? You have to be aware of sure reasons which make cellphone's information quickly inaccessible. Your telephone might also get moist sometimes while playing pool party; even though facts remains alive for your android , you could not get admission to it. Your phone may be inoperable af…

Top Reason To Use Cloud Backup Services

You ought to be the usage of cloud computing now even if you do now not recognise it. For doing a simple project like sending an e-mail, uploading a video on-line, downloading paintings related documents it's far nothing however cloud computing this is making all of it feasible at the back of the arena. Cloud computing is a big switch from the orthodox manner organizations consider it sources.

Cloud computing utilizes technique for dispensing records technology (it) offerings in which assets are fetched from the net through net-based tools and packages, in place of an immediate connection to a server. Rather than storing documents to your computer's hard pressure or neighborhood garage device, cloud-based totally garage makes it viable to save them to a remote secured server and retrieve while wished.

It is rightly termed as cloud computing due to the fact the records being retrieved is on "the cloud" and does now not want the stop user to be in a selected place to ben…