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Are you struggling to sell more products on Facebook?  It’s no secret that now-a-days you need to have your business online, especially on Facebook.  Moms and Dads are making money while being home with their kids and families are living their dreams.
But it’s not realistic to think that it’s as easy setting up a Facebook profile and becoming a millionaire and I think that’s a false expectation when it comes to home business.  So I have constructed 10 hacks for you to sell more on Facebook.

10 Hacks to Sell More on Facebook.

  1. Target Market

    Before you make 1 new friend on Facebook you have to know who exactly needs your product. There are a lot of people out their that say yea EVERYONE needs my product! Maybe.. but not everyone WANTS your product.. make sense? So what kind of people want/need have to have your product? Those are the people you want to talk to. You can learn more in this short video:
    “How to Find your Ideal Target Market: Find your Audience and Bring them Value 2014′
  2. Set- Up Your Profile so it Appeals to Your Target

    Look at your profile from 3rd person. Would you want to know you? Your profile pic should radiate positive energy. That means a great profile pic of YOU (cats are cute.. but not for business) People want to know who they’re talking to and who they’re spending their money with.

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  3. Utilize the About Section

    You have a whole section that people can find out more about you.. so USE IT! Point your work to your Business Fan Page. I see this all the time. Some one is a entrepreneur.. or an internet marketer. This is a whole new chance for people to see what your about and what your selling so use it! Here’s a step by step walk through on how to do that here:

    See the difference between the 2?

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  4. Brand Yourself — Not Your Company

    Facebook sales are more relational than they are in a store where you just go buy something. Start building a brand around yourself rather than the company that you’re representing. Let’s say something happens in your company, when you brand yourself rather than just your company people will be more ready to talk to you and find out more about you rather than seeing your cover photo plastered with ads. This is a chance for you to be creative!

    holly mitson

  5. Consistently Build New and Old Friendships

    Ok.. if you don’t do this.. just ignore the whole rest of this post because it will all be pointless. Facebook is a SOCIAL network.. not a SALES network. Be social! It’s not all about sales and if you make it all about sales.. you probably won’t make to many. Think about it.. do you like being sold? No probably not. I’ve yet to meet anyone who says, “yea, man I love to be sold by a salesman!” And I’ve been in sales my whole life. Talk to people, make friends! And ADD NEW FRIENDS DAILY! Always be building onto your network. I schedule this and use a timer. 10 new friends and message 20 old friends to see how things are going. Consistently every day.

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  6. Put Your Focus on People, Not Your Bank Account or Rank

    I promise promise promise you… People will know if your all about the bank and not about them. So of course, let’s keep it real.. we are all online running a business so we can build a legacy for our family. But the greatest part of your legacy isn’t how much money you have in your account, but how many people you really invest in. The money part will come when you focus on people and there needs rather than that sale.

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  7. Be the Solution to Peoples Problems

    Remember in #7.. your focusing on people. So what are your friends problems? Do they love makeup but need more natural products? Are they trying to loose weight? Do they need to know how to get more sales? Or learn how to blog? Once you become friends with people, get to know them and learn more about their struggles, then you can say.. hey.. this might be something that might help you, if not that’s cool too.. would you be interested in checking it out?

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  8. Build Rapport and Position Yourself as a Leader in Your Niche

    This can be done a few ways. One is through consistently posting and giving your following value. A fabulous way to do this is through a blog. Not only will a blog position yourself as someone who knows what you’re talking about..but it can save you a lot of time. Ex.. prospect asks, “What are the ingredients in this thing?” What do you think would happen if they went to YOUR site and read all about the ingredients in your product.. and then got curious and started reading other articles. Soon he/she really fell in love and is really impressed. What do they do next?

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  9. Post More LifeStyle/Motivation Less Sales

    I’ve seen some profiles who are nothing but ads all the way through.. I don’t know about you but I deny friendship and don’t think a second thought. The posts have no engagement and it’s just a bunch of ads. And I bet no sales.. People like to laugh, be inspired, learn more and learn about who you are, then they’ll be more likely to pay attention to what you do and that you have a product or service that could help them. A good thing to remember is to keep your posting about 80% lifestyle/funny/motivating 20% invitation to see your business.

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  10. Sell Through Stories

    Everyone loves stories. Tell your story! Share your vision. Talk about how your product has helped you in your life.  Maybe one day you were running late and didn’t have time to eat.. so you grabbed your favorite shake and it filled you up AND you got your days worth of health all in one.  SHARE THAT!  You never know who’s watching and see’s that post and thinks.. yea I’m always in a hurry too.. I need something like that.   This is how a lot of sales are made!


I hope you find these hacks helpful for you to sell more on Facebook.   If you have, please share this post and help your friends too.  This industry is big enough for everyone!   Learn the exact formula to become a top producer in your direct sales or internet marketing home business with this FREE E-Book.
Download your copy today by clicking the button below.
Keep Your Eye On Your Why!
-Holly Mitson
holly mitson
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